Sweet Almond Oil, uses and it’s benefits

Most of the time I use my free time (or those times when I cannot sleep) to watch videos on youtube about different reviews on products. Doesn’t need to be products that can only be bought from the stores locally, but products that catches my interest.

I came upon a video of a woman  using Sweet Almond Oil, as her deep conditioning agent. She’s faradhukai from youtube. So from there, I googled, watched other videos of women also using the oil and found out it’s not just for the hair!

It took me a while before I actually purchased one for myself. I was searching over the net where I can get my stash since this is not a common oil in Manila to find. I have contacted one seller, but unfortunately, they are very slow in responding to my email. I searched more until I stumbled upon Islas Aromatics and saw that they offer Sweet Almond Oil! To my delight, I placed an order and waited for the email confirmation. They have a physical shop along Libis, Quezon City but they are open from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. only which doesn’t really fit my schedule (I work at night).

Needless to say, they had my order delivered and see how cute the container is!!!


(250ml sells for Php393)

This is the container where the oil was when it arrived. I had some transferred to a pump bottle which I purchased separately so I can carry it if I would need to go somewhere. The oil is colored light yellow and has a very slight nutty smell of the almond. It’s often used as a base or carrier oil for massage oils.


(picture from Islas Aromatics website)

Since I got my order, I used it as my body moisturizer, deep conditioner, make-up remover, face moisturizer (before I go to bed), and can be used as a leave on conditioner before I use a hair dryer. It is natural skin lightening agent that helps skin improve it’s tone through religious use. And since it’s natural, it may take time to see results but for the skin moisturizing, it really helped make my skin smoother and my hair softer after treatment. My hair is now shinier and less tangled. One thing I would say too is that I have noticed that my hair is growing faster than it was when I was not using Sweet Almond Oil yet.

To sum it up, I would definitely repurchase once I finish my stock! This oil has many uses and does not make my hair and skin feel heavy (as long as you don’t use or put on too much, of course), not to mention you need not use a lot so it lasts long!

My rating: 9/10 (had it come with a dispenser, this would’ve been a 10!) ❤


On childhood days and memories

Since this is going to be my first blog, and I have been writing short whatever-gets-into-my-mind since I was in high school; I would like to share this with my father. Dad, you will always be cherished :-*


This is my dad, and, yes, who else? Yes, that’s me. Ok, I know. I am not a sight to behold when I was a child. And this did made an impact in my life as I was growing.

When I as still a toddler, my father’s friends would often call me “o-kuy” in Chinese, meaning – black. Because of that, whenever they would come over, I would use the powder puff and powder my whole body to make it white. I was not hurt at that time, I just don’t want them to call me that. Until such time that I was in grade school, and then some of the higher batches would then tease me and call me “Cofradia”, a character that was portrayed by Lotlot de Leon way back. And a cousin’s boyfriend even called me “uling” whenever he sees me.

Those instances never escaped my memory and up to now, I can say it contributed to my insecurities back then. Which lead to my endless trial-and-error on how to whiten/lighten my skin.

I would try whitening soaps available in all your leading supermarkets, but never really made it a point to stick to them and make them my ritual. Until I had the purchasing power to really purchase what I want and experiment which one works and which one doesn’t (will post reviews on the soaps, lotions, scrubs, et cetera, moving forward).

To make this first blog story short, I was once that little child in my father’s arms to a lady with confidence to face people without having to put baby powder all over my body! Ha! See????? ☺ (no glutathione IV involved here!)